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The truth is, care for oneself cannot wait a moment longer. We stress and age with every minute that goes by. V(EYEBES makes it easy to take time for yourself to heal - mind, body, and spirit. Learn to appreciate yourself and have compassion for others with our sacred healing offerings.

We offer thoughtful private, community, and corporate services, as well as cater to special events and retreats.


break your
Old patterns

In modern times, we’ve taken the spirit out of feeling our best. It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern: wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep with little or no time to connect with our community, nature, and our spirit self. We’ve been programmed since our youth to pop a pill to mask a symptom like a headache, digestion issues or back pain; ignore our intuition; damage our environment; and stuff our issues deep down. This can only get us so far until you become seriously unfit, unwell, or unhappy.

Unless you break through those old patterns, healing is difficult. That’s why at V(EYE)BES, we curate the best possible facilitators to help get to the root issue — whether it’s emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. Start deprogramming yourself by scheduling a session or joining a community event today.


"I highly recommend this collaboration of beings to anyone that really wants to turn over a new leaf. ."

— Sarah L.


the founder


Hello! My name is Heather-Rae Bang and I’m the founder of V(EYE)BES in Los Angeles, California.

V(EYE)BES - pronounced "vibes" (easy, right?), supports your healing efforts physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally by way of Usui Reiki energy work, breathwork, sacred medicinal plant ceremonies, sound healing, and mindfulness workshops which allows you to delve into a deeper state of consciousness, oneness, love, and serenity. I work with these updated ancient modalities to create a safe, relaxed environment for my clients to access their deeper intelligence and creative imagination to effectively navigate life, relationships, career, and health in this time of accelerated complexity.

Born and raised just outside Chicago, I moved to Los Angeles in January 2013 to begin a new chapter in my life. After 20+ years of my continuing yoga and kundalini practice; attending meditation and energy workshops; delving into and being mentored in sacred plant ceremonies for the last 5 years; and endless research in the "spiritual/new age/mindfulness" areas, I decided to follow my intuition and learn everything I could about these subject matters, apprenticing and eventually becoming certified in several modalities. I had been working with my hands as an agency-represented hair and makeup artist up until now - why not add more skills, but ones that called for internal makeovers.

My greatest gift in life was to discover that there was natural and healthy ways to embrace my traumas and pains, and to find harmony and balance in who I truly am. I notice when human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their life to unravel. My passion is to bring deep healing to all those going through a difficult experience, whether it's from this lifetime or a previous one.

I am a Reiki Master accredited by the International Reiki Organization, New World Natives and a member of the International Reiki Professionals Association, and am insured by MMIP.

You can find me and my events online at and on Instagram @veyebes_LA. I’m also available for private, corporate, or group sessions.