V(EYE)BES is consciously committed to upholding our ethical standards by strictly enforcing the following guidelines:

  • V(EYE)BES practitioners integrate and practice services within the scope of their education, training, current licensing and credentialing. They represent themselves to the public in accordance with their credentials and practice within the guidelines of V(EYE)BES Scope of Practice statement.

  • Honoring individual autonomy, growth, and self-empowerment, clients will be respected and valued at all times regardless of race, creed, age, gender expression, disability, sexual orientation, or health condition. V(EYE)BES practitioners respects the individual spiritual beliefs and practices of our clients. V(EYE)BES does not promote a particular spiritual practice.

  • We entitle ourselves facilitators or practitioners and never claim to be ‘shamans’ or ‘medicine women/men’. We simply hold a safe space for anyone who is interested, as we believe healing yourself, heals communities.

  • Our holistic therapies we offer are complementary to conventional health care and are used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing. V(EYE)BES practitioners are not medical doctors or veterinarians and must know the limits of their professional competence. They never treat or diagnose medical issues. Practitioners shall not use titles or descriptions suggesting medical, academic or educational qualifications, unless they possess them. They must not mislead the client into believing that they are a medical doctor or veterinarians unless they are legally recognized as such within the country they are practicing. Those possessing doctorates in other subjects whilst using the title of doctor must make clear that they are not medical doctors.

  • Our services are offered only for the benefit of the client, with intention for his or her highest good. V(EYEB)ES practitioners acts with the commitment to Do No Harm.

  • V(EYE)BES practitioners provide a safe, welcoming, supportive and comfortable environment that is conducive to healing. Consent for our offerings and permission for hands-on touch must be obtained prior to the service. The practitioner is free from the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, or prescription medication that would compromise their judgment, actions, or interfere with safe practice for the client. The practitioner is physically, emotionally and mentally capable of providing for the client’s care and safety during the entire session. The practitioner is dressed in a non-revealing manner, clean and professional in appearance, with a minimum of scent. The patient is empowered to give feedback, modify or discontinue the session at any time. Safe and clear professional boundaries are maintained. Touch is non-sexual and non-aggressive and respects the client’s boundaries. The practitioner does not engage in romantic or sexual relationships with clients. The client is fully clothed at all times.

  • It’s important to note we use ethically-sourced plant derivatives which have been fairly-traded and originate from cultures not of our own.  The indigenous communities where our products are sourced from come with a loving blessing to provide humankind with natural offerings to make our world a kinder, more loving place. The aforementioned communities we work with are very aware that non-indigenous people from a myriad mix of cultural backgrounds here in the US are participating in our offering, and are happy to share.

  • All of our goods and products for sale or for use in a service or community event are vegan and cruelty-free.

  • V(EYE)BES practitioners work from a theoretical and practical knowledge base of their offerings. They integrate self-care practices to enhance their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. They maintain a commitment to ongoing learning and self-growth.

  • Our practitioners recognize and honor the client’s unique self-healing process. The individual or animal is acknowledged as a complex being, who is part of a social system, and is interactive with and is acted upon by their internal and external environments.

In today’s modern Western society, cultural ethics is definitely a nuanced and multi-faceted issue. North American spiritual healing is an extremely diverse profession that includes practitioners, facilitators, gardeners, herbalists, farmers, students, alchemists, and the list goes on. Certainly one can’t expect everyone in this widespread field to follow the same moral code or political viewpoints and we certainly can’t expect to be lumped into one stereotype.

In the West, with an ever-growing mix of bio-cultural backgrounds comes cultural ambiguities. We acknowledge fully the existence of world-wide colonialism and the privileges and traumas it created in the past and current times, especially, but not restricted to the ceremonial-grade plant therapies and hands-on modalities, such as the ones we work with. There are many in the ‘New Age’ and Pharmaceutical realms who greatly disrupt the balance between Mother Earth and Indigenous Peoples for extreme consumption and profit, and make no mention of the history, hardships, and cruelty the marginalized have endured. V(EYE)BES feels strongly that anytime physical, mental, or spiritual health care and business coincide, they should be done in an ethical manner; one that sustains a framework internally and externally that honors the cultures, ancestors, practices and traditions our offerings originate from, as well as assists our practitioners with a responsible financial-energy exchange for their time, research, continuing education, supplies, and rental space fees.

Today we see wave upon wave of accusations of cultural appropriation make their way through the Internet outrage cycle, the rhetoric ranges from earnest indignation to patronizing disrespect. In our line of work we see Western healers being pilloried and dishonored by angry accusers who have done little or no research into our moral code, ethics, training, history, cultural background, and personal relationships to the native farmers and healers who educate us, fairly-trade products with us, and want us to continue our healing mission so that the World can heal.

We know we can’t please everyone and there are sometimes those who think healing shouldn’t be available to everyone — whatever their cultural origin, race, gender, etc. but we strongly feel inclusiveness is paramount here at V(EYE)BES. We strongly believe no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, or what you’ve been through - you should have easy and accessible ways of healing. Unfortunately, most of us here in the States are sometimes not born in the right body, community, or circumstances; and also do not have quick or affordable access to visit Central + South America or Asia where you would receive an authentic ceremony so we offer our own approach that’s affordable and accessible in the Los Angeles area. We advertise our event on social media’s 2019 and that’s how we generally communicate with each other now.

With regards to our pricing, please understand that we live in a modern capitalistic world. Everything has a price. Due to the high cost of insurances, rental space, marketing, certifications, memberships and affiliations, supplies and tools for each offering, and personal time given to hold safe space, our prices are considered appropriate for what we invest in each event.

If you’d like to ask us any questions about any of our ethics and principles, please send an e-mail to us.