Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

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Through Animal Reiki long distance healing, we can actually accelerate your pets own healing processes, ease their pain, reduce stress and improve or help to continue their quality of life. Animals love receiving the warm vibrations of Reiki energy and benefit greatly from it.

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Although Reiki is commonly used on humans, it can also be effectively used when working with animals. Reiki can help to strengthen the connection between an animal and owner. Reiki can help to maintain health on physical, emotional and energetic levels. Reiki can help increase an animal's feelings of relaxation and reduce tension in anxious animals.

Because Reiki is simple and easy to administer, it is a wonderful alternative therapy for animals. Reiki is non-invasive and will help healing occur where it is needed most. The Reiki practitioner does not need to know the symptoms that the animal is experiencing in order for an effective session to be performed. Reiki can be performed successfully from a distance making this a safe therapy for the animal and practitioner.

Because Reiki helps increase the body's awareness of imbalances and the body then does the healing, Reiki can never do any harm. The animal is in control of the session. They can be in the location they choose and do not need to be confined or restrained.

With multiple sessions, animals will refine their perception of the specific frequency and will begin to seek out a session when they see the practitioner.


Commonly reported benefits:

• improved digestion
• improved sleep
• improved focus and memory


Research-documented benefits:

• reduced anxiety
• reduced pain
• enhanced well-being





Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. Reiki is an esoteric Tibetal Buddhist practice that was “rediscovered” by a Japanese Zen monk sometime in the late 19th century. Reiki energy has its own unlimited intelligence. It seeks out all areas in the body that are out of balance or in need of healing at a given moment. When Reiki is applied to your pet it brings about deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Long distance energy healing helps fearful and scared animals calm down and we can help reduce some of the  issues that relate to the fears and anxieties that bring on the stress these animals feel.

Even if you can't get your pet into a carrier, we can help with long distance energy healing and is often a great first step towards getting very timid and fearful animals into better care.

Reiki can calm a nervous animal, reduce pain, heal injuries, relieve stress, help an animal deal with grief, and the list goes on.  It can aid an animal that has had surgery but is just not picking up as well as it should.   Because Reiki heals on all levels, it can help with an animal's emotional or mental problems as well.

Reiki facilitates healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki heals the animal body and emotions, bringing them into balance and promoting health, happiness, prosperity and long life. It is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your pet.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical care. Please remember that Reiki is a meant to be used alongside conventional veterinary care.