Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki

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Distance Reiki healing is a technique that allows the practitioner to offer a Reiki session without the client being in the same room or geographic location. 

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Time and space are no biggie when it comes to Reiki healing. Can’t make it to our healing studio? Don’t worry! We can send healing light to you - anywhere in the world, at any time.

Humankind has always believed in healing at a distance. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its efficacy and have asked the question: How does distant healing work?

The short answer is: nobody knows. This might sound alarming at first because the human tendency is to demand to know before they can believe. However, the truth is that we do not know how many things in the Universe work. Just take physics: Quantum Physics still keeps physicists scratching their heads. They know that something is happening, but do not know how and what exactly.

To be skeptical at first when confronted with a new idea is understandable. The human condition is such that the mind needs to have a model of understanding that fits into its current view of the world. When the mind is confronted with a new concept or world view, and does not have a frame of reference, it often prematurely dismisses the idea at once.

Reiki practice doesn’t address the symptom or the condition directly in the way conventional medicine does rather it balances the person's whole system and brings the person back to a greater sense of balance and ease within herself/himself and with that there is symptomatic relief.


Commonly reported benefits:

• improved digestion
• improved sleep
• improved focus and memory


Research-documented benefits:

• reduced anxiety
• reduced pain
• enhanced well-being

Reiki is both powerful and gentle. In its long history of use it has aided in healing virtually every known illness and injury including serious problems like: multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer as well as skin problems, cuts, bruises, broken bones, headache, colds, flu, sore throat, sunburn, fatigue, insomnia, impotence, heartbreak, grieving during loss, poor memory, lack of confidence, etc. It is always beneficial and works to improve the effectiveness of all other types of therapy.

Many studies have been done on distant healing and the question IF it works has already been answered. Even though such studies have proven the validity of distant healing, this knowledge has not made it into the mainstream awareness.

Why is that? Because we lack a scientific understanding of HOW it works. This is due to the fact that in distant healing, consciousness plays the major part, and this is where the problem lies: We do not know what consciousness itself is, and that is why we have no idea how to explain the nature of distant healing.

Most scientists still believe that consciousness is completely local and is confined to specific points in space and time. They think it can be found “inside the brain”, but many studies have shown that consciousness is “non-local”, which means it is not defined to any particular space, and therefore can also not be found within the brain. Because consciousness is “non-local” it is also not confined to time, as space and time are bound together by the laws of physics.

All we can tell you is that is works, it REALLY works and you’ll just have to try it for yourself. We realize it’s tricky to come downtown for your sessions sometime so that’s why V(EYE)BES is proud to offer Distance Reiki.